Saumur, France



Saumur, located in the Loire Valley of Central France, affiliated with Asheville in 1996. Want to get involved with the Saumur committee? We meet the 4th
Wednesday of each month, and all are welcome! For more information on Saumur or to learn how to get involved with the committee, please email Committee Chairs Jerry Plotkin and Allison Weems at








Fast Facts

  • Population 30,000
  • Well known for its beautiful centuries-old homes and churches, fine wines, and mushroom caves
  • Famous for its role in inspiring the ‘Edict of Nantes’, creating religious equality under Henri IV
  • The birthplace of Coco Chanel
  • Site of the famous Château de Saumur








Past Projects

  •  May 29, 2000 official visit of six Saumur city officials to Asheville.
  • Both local boys’ and girls’ basketball teams participated in a Saumur’s Jeanne d’Arc International Basketball Tournament over the Easter weekend of 1999 and 2000.
  • Several groups of international guests have been home hosted.
  • An inter-university agreement exists between UNCA and the Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO) near Saumur. Warren Wilson College also developed a partnership with UCO through sister cities’ help.
  • Saumur culinary students from the Lycée Jean Bertin Culinary School have created projects on exchange with Asheville restaurants. Future Projects
  • Visit by jewelry crafts students from Haywood Technical Community College to Saumur.
  • Asheville Sister Cities sent a delegation to Saumur on a very successful visit in 2007.
  • In mid-2010 the office of the Mayor of Saumur contacted Asheville Sister Cities with a request – could we find an intership opportunity for a young man who is in the middle of his undergraduate studies? The Saumur committee was happy to oblige. An engineering student from Saumur, François de Clarens interned with Asheville Public Works, directed by Cathy Ball. He arrived in late September 2010 and was in Asheville until January 2011. A perfect fit for his department, François was involved in sidewalk design, surveying, sewer renovation and other Asheville projects. As his mother is an English interpreter, his spoken and written communication skills are excellent. François was hosted by four successive ASCI Saumur committee families, and with them, visited many of the attractions in and around Asheville.
  • During his visit to Saumur in June, 2011, Saumur Committee Chair Jerry Plotkin met with Saumur Mayor Apchin and several members of the Saumur City Council.

View Map (Saumur is located between Tours and Angers)

The ASCI Saumur Committee can be reached by email at: geraldplotkin(at) (Please highlight the above email address, copy it, then paste it into an email, replacing “(at)” with @. Merci!)



The Saumur Committee will be sending a delegation to Saumur, France in June. For more information please contact: