2015 Internships

As of May 2015, we have a group of interns in Valladolid, Mexico. Watch this space for a recap of their experiences.

2014 Internship Recap

Asheville Sister Cities Valladolid interns

In June 2014, nine students from A-B Tech, UNC Asheville and Warren Wilson College interned in Valladolid, Mexico thanks to a partnership between Asheville Sister Cities and our sister organization in Valladolid. The program was coordinated by A-B Tech instructors Kate Bove (front row, third from right) and Kelly McEnany (back row, 4th from right).

During their two- to four-week stays in Valladolid, these students worked on a variety of projects, including researching and cataloguing pieces from the world’s largest privately held collection of Mexican folk art, comparing perceptions of death and dying between Mexico and the United States, shadowing an elementary school teacher and a board of education official, and more.

The students created a blog for sharing photos and reflections from this experience. Click here to visit the blog and learn more about their time in our beautiful Sister City of Valladolid.

 A Note from an Intern

CarlosIn the fall of 2013, Asheville Sister Cities hosted an intern from our Sister City of Valladolid, Mexico. Carlos Quiñones Hernández, a culinary student, spent a month in Asheville, where he was immersed in the full Asheville experience, from the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains (the photo at right was taken in DuPont State Forest) to the art to the architecture and more. He also had the opportunity to sharpen his skills at several area restaurants. Below is a write-up that Carlos sent to us after he returned to Mexico. This shows how important our internship program is for everyone involved.

Never Say Never
by Carlos Quiñones Hernández, Valladolid/Chetumal, Mexico

When I was a child, I remember that I wanted to be like my father all the time, a person that always does things perfectly, and could have a beautiful woman like my mother. I thought: what luck! As I was growing up I realized that you can’t be like another person, you should understand your personality, find your goals and your strategies to be happy.

I remember that I always wanted to know another country and speak another language different than mine. I wanted to know the customs, the beliefs, the ideologies, likes and dislikes, the culture, the food, but above all to be able to experience what life was like. On this day I can say I did it, but I’m aware that you always need people like your family and friends behind you to help and support you if needed. The kind of people that always want you be happy.

This experience in another country (Asheville, N.C., USA) was amazing and magnificent. I had great experiences that I never believed a 22 year old person could live at his short age. I met amazing people who helped and contributed in developing my skills in school and my profession. I was lucky because I met people that always help without receive anything, and the best recompense for them is the smile of the person benefiting, or to know that he will achieve his goals in the future.

I was able to work on my skills at six restaurants where they relied upon me, and I absorbed as much knowledge as possible in the kitchen. I worked at Vincenzo’s, Havana Comida Latina, Piazza, Reza’s, Dough & Aloft Hotel. I’m grateful for being allowed to work with them. I talked about my experiences in Mexico with students interested in the Spanish language. I talked about my country, and we exchanged opinions and shared aspects of our life. I’m sure my experiences can inspire them to achieve their goals. I also took English classes and Indian food classes at ABTech, an amazing school.

Thanks to my family for supporting me because without them, I could not do anything. Above all thanks, so much to Asheville Sister Cities, because without you I couldn’t have had these experiences in the USA. Thanks for changing my perspective of how life is in the United States. Now I know that the only way to be happy is doing your favorite things.

Thanks to all the people who are a part of Asheville Sister Cities, because you are the reason that a person like me can realize his dreams in this life.


The Saumur Committee will be sending a delegation to Saumur, France in June. For more information please contact: