Osogbo, Nigeria

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Osogbo, located in western Nigeria, became our newest sister city in 2008.  If you are interested in learning more about Osogbo or if you would like to get involved, please email contact@ashevillesistercities.org

It was named the City of Peace because no foreign army has ever ruled the town.  Osogbo and the Osun River shrines represent one of the few remaining Yoruba Grove Sites.








Fast Facts

  • Population 500,000
  • Founded in the 18th Century
  • Legend has it that Osogbo was first settled by two hunters with an offer to protect all of their descendants from outside tribal attacks in exchange for their promise not to hunt near the deity Osun’s sacred river.
  • The colorful Osun Festival draws tourists from all over the world to celebrate “sacred people and sacred places.”
  • Osogbo is the capital of Osun State, a major distributor of electrical power for Nigeria and one of the foremost centers of Yoruba arts and culture.








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The Saumur Committee will be sending a delegation to Saumur, France in June. For more information please contact: jeallen8@gmail.com