Valladolid, Mexico

Valladolid partnered with Asheville in 2006, and is located midway between Cancun and Mérida in Mexico. Want to get involved with the Valladolid committee? We meet the last Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room at Asheville Parks and Rec Admin Building at 72 Gashes Creek Road (at the Recreation Park), Asheville, NC.  All are welcome! To learn more about Valladolid or to learn how to get involved with the committee, please email Committee Chair Karon Korp at

Fast Facts

  • Population 38,000
  • Founded in 1543 by the Spanish, named after the then capital of Spain – Valladolid
  • In 1849, it was the ignition point for the 19th century Caste Wars between the surviving Maya and the ruling Spanish authority
  • Second largest city in the State of Yucatan and, like Asheville in Western North Carolina, it is the eastern metropolitan hub of the Yucatan with medical services, higher education, and a variety of commercial enterprises.
  • Maya culture is very much present with many of the women still wearing the traditional huipil and the maya language still popular.
  • The maya ruins of Chichen Itza and Ek Balam are nearby.







Recent activities…

  • A delegation from Asheville visited Valladolid in November of 2011. There was a reaffirmation signing (Sister Cities agreement) between Mayor Escalante and former Asheville Mayor Russ Martin, special envoy for Mayor Bellamy.
  • The group delivered computers and books to Dzitnup Elementary School and enjoyed a dance presentation from the students. Pen pal letters from students at Isaac Dixon Elementary were shared.
  • The delegation also attended the X’Ocen traditional performance and is in discussions to bring the group to this year’s fall LEAF Festival.
  • The Valladolid Committee is working to bring a delegation from Valladolid to Asheville in October of 2012. Stay tuned for more information, or contact the committee if you would like to help with this project.
  • The ASCI Vallodolid Committee meets the last Wednesday of each month at 33 Page Ave. at 5 p.m. Email the Committee to confirm time and place.

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The ASCI Vallodolid Committee can be reached by email at:   karonkorp(at), or rmandkk(at) (Please highlight the above email address, copy it, then paste it into an email, replacing “(at)” with @.)


The Saumur Committee will be sending a delegation to Saumur, France in June. For more information please contact: